For the past 2 months, the Des Moines Art Center has housed an exhibit of photos by Vivian Maier. As a brief background, Maier was a Chicago nanny, who carried a camera with her. Many of her photos were not found or even developed until after her death in 2009. The exhibit departed on the 22nd, but never fear! We have books full of Vivian’s work, as well as other street photographers.

Wondering where to begin? I found a few titles to get you started.

There is an entire book full of Vivian’s photographs in our non-fiction section, entitled Eye To Eye. Another book, called Women Photographers, features her work, as well.

More posed than street photography, the book Chicago Portraits features portraits of a variety of Chicagoans. Street Photography Now highlights 46 photographers and their work.

One of the heavier street photography books is We All We Got. It visually tells the story of untold deaths in Chicago, of grief, and of learning to keep living. Included are also letters by the family members of the deceased.

And on a lighter note, Ernie is a bunch of photographs of a cat.

Any of those pique your interest? Or inspire you to pick up a camera yourself? This book will give you some pointers. Don’t have a camera? Use what you do have: your phone!