In the middle of a very gray winter what could be better than a good reading list?  Our staff reads a lot of great fiction and provides me with some of the titles they really enjoyed at the end of the year.

These books aren’t necessarily “new” and sometimes are found in Young Adult or Children’s fiction. Personally I’ve been meaning to read “Because of Mr. Terupt” which is a Children’s novel you’ll find on that list.  Reviews have convinced me that let alone is it a great ‘read’, but anyone who ever taught school or has family members who do should give it a try. Might even be just the thing for anyone who ever attended school….

Getting on the Best Staff Picks list means someone working here at WDM Public Library found that book so memorable that they would like to share that pleasure with you.

There is something for everyone on the Adult list:  dark, light, graphic novel, nostalgia to future fantasy – you can escape to a wide variety of environments, and meet some new folks all between the beginning and end of your novel.  I think you’ll find something transporting, warming, or possibly haunting….so much more fun than gray skies.

I even share these lists with family and friends far and near.

The Best Picks Non-fiction list requires a separate blog, lots of non-fiction to cover this year – some to talk about. Coming soon.