Have you found the Booklists link on our Adults page yet?  Try the new Non-Fiction Library Staff Picks for 2016.  These titles weren’t necessarily published in that year, just read and enjoyed in 2016 by our library staff!

This past year there were so many great non-fiction titles that our staff enjoyed, I immediately read a few. What makes a non-fiction title appeal?  Non-fiction often appears when we need help with something in our own lives,  even better if the author can help us learn something with humor or an engaging story line. I enjoy trying out a subject I’ve never really thought of before and learning something new as well as subjects that are part of my more constant curiosity.

My children are now adults, and even though I’m not looking  for a new romance, I am curious about all the trends in finding someone special in our digital world… So reading Modern Romance by comedian Aziz Ansari was fascinating.  The book is full of collected data and remarks by social scientists – but it also is a humorous book about how romance has changed due to the digital age. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem that the human heart has changed – just how they might connect to another human heart.

Letters of Note: Volume 2, is also about people making connections, but this time with a pen and paper – and often a lovely turn of phrase.  There are some really lovely, mind-boggling moments between well-known and more obscure individuals in our collective past.

These titles and others are found on the Non-Fiction Library Staff Picks for 2016 over on our Bookletters site.  Try out the other great lists for reading ideas!