Our lighting issues on the 2nd floor continue as we wait for parts to be delivered.  Therefore, the West Des Moines Public Library will be closing at 4pm on Monday, December 4th.  UPDATE:  the parts will get here later this week, so we will be closing at 4pm at least through this week.  

We are hoping that we can resume regular hours soon, but we will let you know if any further closings are necessary as the City and the electrical contractors work diligently on the issue.  Due dates on materials will be backdated, of course.

I assure you that this decision is based solely on the staff and administration’s concern for the safety of our users, and we are aware that it may be something of an inconvenience to those who count on our being open. I apologize for the inconvenience on behalf of the library staff and administration and we prevail upon and appreciate your patience.

Note:  if you come to the Library this week, there are few lights on the 2nd floor, and Wi-Fi access upstairs is somewhat spotty.  You may want to do your work on the 1st floor, if possible.

Thank You,

Darryl Eschete

Director, West Des Moines Public Library