If you come to the West Des Moines Public Library in the next month, you may see men on ladders, their heads poking up beyond the ceiling tiles, splicing wire and tightening…whatever it is they’re tightening up there as they install new VAV boxes as part of a grand HVAC renovation.

They’ve also been cleaning out and insulating existing air ducts and preparing to put in new boilers, chillers and air controls all that other heating and cooling related machinery we keep back in the more industrial-looking parts building.

The entire project will be going on until the beginning of October, just in time for the real cold snaps to arrive. But, until then, we have to ask the public–you, dear reader–to once again be patient as we try to improve the comfort and efficiency of the building.

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding this work or anything else happening at the library, feel free to contact me (the library director) at darryl.eschete@wdm.iowa.gov