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Romans began the summer wedding tradition, choosing June for goddess Juno's blessing. The tradition stuck.

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Elaine, stay-at-home mom

My daughter's 3rd & 4th grade elementary teachers were looking to enrich their students by forming a "book club". ...The WDM Library was an invaluable source of information. They helped guide us with book suggestions, project ideas and discussion topics.  ...The students loved the book club, and all of the participants developed a deeper comprehension and love of reading. They still talk fondly of the club, and continue to discuss great books amongst each other. 


Planned Giving

Your Generosity Will Make a Difference

A planned gift to a charitable organization like The West Des Moines Public Library allows you to make a positive difference in our community while also making a wise financial decision. With some strategy and planning, you may be able to:

  •     Reduce income, gift and estate taxes
  •     Secure a source of cash flow for the rest of your life
  •     Reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes

If you want to be a supporter of the Library for years to come, planned giving may be a way to achieve that. When you honor your community by putting The Library in your will or estate plan, there are benefits to you and your family beyond just giving to a good cause.

Depending on how you and your family feels your generosity may be spotlighted publicly or kept quiet. Legacy givers also have the opportunity to have input into how their gifts are used, just as the survivors of the benefactor who made this website possible did.

Wills and Living Trusts

Charitable bequests are made through wills or revocable living trusts and are a popular way to support causes and organizations like the Library. Bequests are simple to arrange, offer flexibility and can reduce estate taxes. Contact the library director to learn more about this opportunity.

Retirement Plan Assets

In many cases, donating some or all of the assets from your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan or pension is a smart option. Contact the library director to find out how you can make such a gift during your lifetime or after death to establish a legacy to carry on your commitment to the community.

Other Planned Gift Options

Assets such as securities, life insurance policies, U.S. savings bonds, annuity contracts, tangible personal property, coinage and precious metals and works of art are all welcome gifts. Contact the library director to learn how to bestow your gift to the library.

Making a legacy gift requires careful consideration and professional consultation. The Library also suggests that you contact your attorney or financial advisor to evaluate your options.

Talk It Over

Making an endowment gift requires careful consideration and professional consultation. The Library suggests that you contact your attorney or financial advisor to evaluate your options.

To discuss your giving plan, please call Darryl Eschete, library director, at 515-222-3409, or by e-mail at