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The earliest known use of the term ‘spring-cleaning’ was in 1857.

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Karen, accountant

I needed a place without kids, dogs and husbands to study for my CPA exams. The study rooms were perfect! And if I wanted to be around people and still have relative quiet, I could enjoy some coffee at the cafe or sit by the lake. Without the library, dedicated study time would have been difficult for me. 



What Volunteer Opportunities does the Library offer?

We appreciate your choice to offer your time and abilities to the West Des Moines Public Library! We periodically have volunteer opportunities. We ask that you fill out one of the applications below, so that we have your information. As needs and opportunities arise, we can then contact you.


Adults (18 years and older):

Library Adult Volunteer Application

Please fill out the Adult Volunteer Application linked above and return it to the First Floor Service Desk. We try to match our applicant’s interests, abilities, and schedule with available positions. Your application will be kept on file for approximately one year, and you will be contacted if an appropriate position becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact the library Community Services Office at 515-222-3407. Available duties include:

  • homebound delivery
  • pulling hold items
  • straightening, dusting, and shelf reading


Teens (under 18 years old):

PLEASE NOTE – All summer volunteer positions have been filled.  You are still welcome to fill out an application.  All applications will be put on a waiting list.  You will only be contacted if a need arises.

WDM Library Teen Summer Volunteer Application 2018

We are interested in student volunteers who are at least 13 years old and/or have completed 7th grade.  Please complete the Teen Summer Volunteer Application then return the application to any of the Library’s service desks.  Summer applications will be accepted until all positions have been filled.

Volunteer positions are for students entering 8th through graduating high school seniors. For more information please email