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English speakers have used the word ‘spring’ for the season since the 16th century. Before that it meant the source of a river. The season was known as Lent or Lenten.

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Sheila, communications specialist

Borrowing a single audio book from the West Des Moines Library led to an epiphany. Which led to a decision. Which led to a thousand other changes in my life for the better. ...I'm so grateful I pulled that audio book from the shelf at the library. 



What Volunteer Opportunities does the Library offer?

We appreciate your choice to offer your time and abilities to the West Des Moines Public Library! We periodically have volunteer opportunities. We ask that you fill out one of the applications below, so that we have your information. As needs and opportunities arise, we can then contact you.


Adults (18 years and older):

Library Adult Volunteer Application

Please fill out the Adult Volunteer Application linked above and return it to the First Floor Service Desk. We try to match our applicant’s interests, abilities, and schedule with available positions. Your application will be kept on file for approximately one year, and you will be contacted if an appropriate position becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact the library Community Services Office at 515-222-3407. Available duties include:

  • homebound delivery
  • pulling hold items
  • straightening, dusting, and shelf reading


Teens (under 18 years old):

Summer Volunteer Applications

PLEASE NOTE: All summer volunteer positions have been filled.  From this point forward, all submitted applications will be put on a waiting list.  You will only be contacted if a need arises.  Thank you!

WDM Library Summer Volunteer Application 2019

The Library is looking for teen volunteers to help with Summer Reading Club!  Volunteers are needed to help with a variety of activitites this summer including:

  • Help with programs and events for kids
  • Summer Reading Club signup and prize give-a-way
  • Prepare program materials
  • Call prize winners
  • Shelve picture books and help with book returns
  • Cleaning, dusting, and tiding public areas

Potential summer volunteers should return a completed Summer Volunteer Application to the Library.  Please contact the library with questions,