“Have You Seen This Yet?!” posts feature books, memes, sites, songs, artists, movies, news, stars, and anything else we think you should see.   Sometimes it will be an old favorite, other times it will be something brand new, but it will always be something you should see.


I don’t blog.  Not only do I really not enjoy writing I just don’t think my life is interesting enough for anyone else to read about.  (Well, I do like writing quips on facebook so I guess I do a kind of mini blog but I don’t think that really counts…anyway.)  

I do, however, love to read blogs, especially blogs by teens.   Reading about their lives keeps my viewpoint on the world of the average teen fresh and current.  Otherwise I get caught not knowing what things like Homestuck and DJ Kitty are and I look like an old lady.

Now that the Library has a teen blog on our website I’m pressed to actually write something.  Since November is NaBloPoMo (NaNoSayWha?! see below) what better to blog about than other blogs?  

So, here is the Have You Seen This Yet? Blog Edition.



National Blog Posting Month – Started by Blogherthis is great collection of bloggers taking part of the month long observance. 


NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is an off shoot of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). 

The Daily Post

WordPress, a free open source blogging tool, started a daily blog of their own that includes tons of ideas and tips to help you write your own blog.

Stuff for the Teen Age

What started as a list of teen books morphed into a blog by The New York Public Library.

The Huffington Post – Teen Blog

A blog written by teens as part of The Huffington Post – an online news and and tabloid source.


Hilarious fails (and a few wins).  This blog is part of the I Can Has Cheezburger network.