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DYSTOPIAN – A society set up to be a utopia, or perfect society, but everything went wrong.

I love dystopian books!  I also love Apocalyptic books (set in a world where civilization ends due to a natural disaster, war, alien attack, zombies, etc.) and Post-apocalyptic books (set in a world after an apocalypse).

The first dystiopian novel I fell in love with was The Giver by Lois Lowry.  Once I realized what “release” meant (no spoilers here!) I was hooked!  From there I went on to Feed by Anderson, The Shadow Children series by Haddix, and The Uglies by Westerfeld.  Dystopians are basically written as a reflection of our society and are meant to be a lesson in what could be.   They are the perfect books to read for book clubs because they are meant to be talked about!

With the popularity of The Hunger Games by Collins there has been a surge of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction recently.  Here are a few new arrivals to our collection.


 Contaminated by Em Gardner

Set two years after an epidemic, caused by a trendy diet drink that turns people into zombie-like creatures, the government has rounded up and rehabilitated all of the contaminated, or “Connies,” then sent them home with shock collars to control or kill them while everyone else tries to adapt to the integration.

Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block

Many of Block’s books are set in a hard to describe realistic-fantasy world.  Her characters live in the same real world we live in but they also live in their own reality within that world, full of made up names and fantasized interactions.   Once you get into that world you start to understand why she won the Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award and has had her books published around the world.

In this book a young girl sets out to search an earthquake-devastated East Coast for her family through the wasteland of cloned giants that eat people and other survivors trying to find their way too.

Resist by Sarah Crossan

In this sequel to Breathe where people either live in the Pod, where oxygen is regulated by your social status, or try to survive the Outlands, where all trees were destroyed so oxygen is scarce, a group of outlaws search for the only remaining sanctuary only to find that life outside isn’t any better than it is inside.

The 100 by Kass Morgan

Soon to be a TV series on the CW so read it before you see it – After a nuclear war banished all of humanity to live in space, a group of 100 “expendable youths” are sent back to Earth to recolonize.

Proxy by Alex London

A dystopian in the same vein as The Whipping Boy by Fleischman Knox is a wealthy boy who has everything including Syd, his Proxy who takes all his punishments.  When Knox commits a crime that sets his Proxy to death, both boys try to flee to save each other and learn that some debts are never repaid.

Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts

A PRE-apocalyptic story – Set before an asteroid is about to destroy the earth, three teens come to terms with their inevitable future by reconciling their past.