Since last summer, a trend arose on TikTok and spread to Youtube and Instagram called “VSCO Girls.” Essentially, there are stereotypes associated with teenage girls who use a photo-editing app called VSCO. They tend to wear oversized t-shirts with Lulu Lemon leggings. They carry Hydroflasks, typically covered in stickers. They wear scrunchies (usually on their wrists) and shell necklaces, and they make friendship bracelets. TAB was talking about this trend and we came up with the idea to have a program centered around the pieces that make up this trend, most of which are easy to DIY at home–or at the library!

First, we had a checklist of the most VSCO things. Then we had a photo booth with twinkly lights and VSCO phrase props. Next we had stickers and a giant Hydroflask so we could play “pin the sticker on the Hydroflask.” Our other stations were scrunchie-making, bracelet-making, and shell-necklace making! All our photos were on a disposable camera, because what could be more VSCO than that?