As you may have heard, on December 9, the City of West Des Moines experienced network and server issues believed to be caused by a malicious attempt to disrupt City government operations (more here).  In order to preserve data and network integrity, City computers and data infrastructure – including the Library’s staff and public networks – were shut down immediately.  No data was compromised, but all City networks need to be checked, cleaned and restored.  This is careful, slow work.

As you may also know, the Library has been undergoing the first phase of a significant Renovation, starting on the 2nd floor.  We had already announced that the Library would be closed Dec 24 – Jan 2nd to allow movers, construction and IT to make needed changes to start Phase Two of this renovation.  As it happens, most of our public computers were going to be shut down and moved next week for our ongoing Renovation.

To allow City IT staff the time to properly check, clean and rebuild our patron computing network, public computers and printers will remain unavailable from now through our planned renovation closing.  When we reopen to the public on Friday, January 3rd, public computers and printing should be back up and running for public use.

WiFi is intermittently available, but shouldn’t be counted on just yet, so our wireless printing options are currently unavailable.  Staff have limited use of computers and printers, but will help patrons with printing needs where they can.

Any questions, please contact the Library Reference Desk at 515-222-3403 or Director Darryl Eschete at 515-222-3409.