UPDATE:  Study rooms can be booked online and Public Computers are up and running, with printing!  

The West Des Moines Public Library re-opens Friday, January 3rd after being closed over the Christmas/New Year holidays. Here’s what to expect when the doors open:

  1. The study rooms are back!  Patrons will be able to get together and use our second floor study rooms again on a first-come first-use basis for a while. Be advised that dry erase boards are not up in the rooms yet, but when they come, they’ll be a new and improved design. The only room that won’t be available is the Millie Knee Classroom, as it will be walled off in the “renovation zone.”  For those of you used to booking study rooms online, that function will reappear early in January – we’re waiting until we know there’s furniture and fixtures in all available rooms!
  2. NEW study rooms.  There are two new study/meeting rooms on the second floor…but, alas, they won’t be quite ready for use on re-opening day. Until mid-January, they’ll be behind some plastic sheeting and off-limits. We appreciate the patience.
  3. No bathrooms on the second floor.  The only available public bathrooms will be on the first floor near the front entrance lobby.  Please plan accordingly.
  4. The collection has moved…again.  From October until just the other day, the entire adult collection (the portion not in storage, at least) was on the Mills Civic side of the building. Now, patrons will find the whole thing on the pond/City Hall side and the space where it just was is now walled off behind temporary construction walls.  Can’t find something?  Ask our staff!
  5. A few things left visibly not-quite-done.  The second floor will have some spots where old paint is up against new paint and trims don’t quite match, etc. Don’t worry. We have a “punch list” going and when we do our next longer-term closing after summer reading 2020, the second floor will be completed in its entirety. That way, when services normally downstairs move upstairs, no renovation work will need to be done around them.
  6. Public computers.  As of 1/2/20, we hope the public computers – with printing – will be up and running by Friday morning.  However, there are still some sticky issues to be dealt with.  Watch this space and our social media for more info as the week progresses.

Thank you all for your patience!