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"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries." ~Anne Herbert

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Karl, Retired Pastor

The West Des Moines Library has empowered retirement days for me in two ways. One, I am able to read extensively in the newspaper and magazine sections. Two, I am able to borrow books to read rather than to purchase and keep in my now limited home library. An added feature is borrowing audiobooks to savor while I drive to visit family in other states. 


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Transparent Language


Transparent Language is a personal language-learning system that uses a multi-format process for learning foreign languages.

If the connection is initially slow, please be patient and/or Reload the page.  If you continue to have issues, please contact the library.

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NEW! Read It – English Language Learning


Read It! is designed for middle and high school students and adults who have a basic foundation in English grammar and reading but need resources to help build knowledge, conduct research and improve study skills. In-libraryFrom Home

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