Book Club Books

If you have a book club and are looking for books available in multiple copies, we can help you out!

You can:

Book Discussion Questions

1. Did the book grab you?  Was it hard to get into?  Why?

2. Could you relate to any of the characters?  Which ones and why?

3. Did any of the characters grow or change in the book?  What prompted this change and what was learned?

4. Was the story believable?  How does it compare or contrast to other books you have read?

5. If this were your story, what would you have changed?


How to Lead a Book Club Discussion – This site gives step by step instructions on how to lead a general book discussion.

Multnomah County Library Universal Questions – This site has a wonderful array of book discussion questions that you can adapt to any book you are discussing.

Teaching Comprehension –  This site gives guidance to parents and teachers on how to increase your child’s reading comprehension.

Teaching Inferencing – This site has a few suggestions to help you and your child work on critical thinking.