Fun Fact

"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries." ~Anne Herbert

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Karl, Retired Pastor

The West Des Moines Library has empowered retirement days for me in two ways. One, I am able to read extensively in the newspaper and magazine sections. Two, I am able to borrow books to read rather than to purchase and keep in my now limited home library. An added feature is borrowing audiobooks to savor while I drive to visit family in other states. 


Renovation Phase 1 Prep Closing


It’s Here!  Renovation Prep Begins October 14th

Library Closed October 14-26!



Want to know more?

Read the October 8, 2019 Press Release,

detailing what will happen while we’re closed – we have a lot of work to do to Write Our Next Chapter!

Key Items:

Meeting Rooms During Renovations – 2nd floor rooms will be Unavailable for several months.

The Parks&Rec office on the 1st floor will continue to be open during our closure.  They will be moving back to City Hall later this fall.

Due dates have been extended, so don’t worry about fines accruing during the closure.

The Iowa History Files program on Sunday the 20th will still happen in the Community Room, though the rest of the Library will be closed.