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"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries." ~Anne Herbert

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Karl, Retired Pastor

The West Des Moines Library has empowered retirement days for me in two ways. One, I am able to read extensively in the newspaper and magazine sections. Two, I am able to borrow books to read rather than to purchase and keep in my now limited home library. An added feature is borrowing audiobooks to savor while I drive to visit family in other states. 


week 4: june 22-28

You’ll find content and information related to Week 4 (June 22-28) of our 2020 Summer Reading Challenge here!

Weekly Storytime Handout

Mother Goose Storytime

Lapsit Lambs Storytime

Family Storytime

We have a GREAT week of virtual gaming planned with our friends at The Dealt Hand! Join us for Dungeons & Dragons, virtual board games, Dragon World, and more! Registration required. Visit our events calendar for more information and to sign up! (Check each event for age requirements. Generally for ages 10+) To learn more about virtual gaming, take a look at the information our friends at The Dealt Hand put together for us: DealtHandHandouts

We are also featuring a fun and active virtual dance event from Hurley & Dancers. Join us for a story-based dance activity! Click here for more information.

FIND SPOTTY! Where is Spotty this week? Visit our library Facebook page to tell us your guess. We’d love to see you in Spotty’s location–take your picture there and share it with us on Facebook!

(for adults) BIG LIBRARY READ June 22 – July 13.  Visit starting June 22 to download your copy of the eBook or eAudobook!