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Northern areas don’t have a monopoly on snowfall—the white stuff has been known to touch down everywhere from the Sahara Desert to Hawaii.

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Joe E., WDM resident

“Thanks for what you do… I was a student at Southwoods 10 years ago and that library gave me a space to hang out on many a day.” 


Library Board of Trustees

West Des Moines Public Library Trustees as of January, 2018

Trustee terms are for 4-year appointments.

Name Appointed Term Expires
Myers, Bryan F.
Murphy, Joseph D.
(Vice President)
3/9/15 6/30/19
Gillespie, Melissa L.
7/1/16 6/30/20
Brooks, Mary
5/31/17 6/30/21
Pollpeter, Joe 6/30/17 6/30/21
Schneider, Lisa 1/1/18 1/1/22
Grant, Carol 2/1/18 2/1/22
Hardman, Renee
(City Council Liaison)
email: renee.hardman [at]
Eschete, Darryl
(Library Director)
515-222-3409 (work)
Houghtaling, Shirley
(Head of Public Services)
515-222-3413 (work)
Lumsden, Jenny
(Library Secretary)
515-222-3408 (work)