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Stilwell Refugee Voices Project Goes into WDM Library Collection

This school year, the 2021-2022 class of 7th Graders at Stilwell Jr. High School completed an extensive project-based learning course that resulted in the creation of 26 children's books highlighting the stories of local refugees.

The students worked to interview each of the refugees, work on a storyboard, write, and then illustrate the children's books based off of their lives. Each book can be found in the West Des Moines Public Library's New Residents Corner on the second floor. 

Are You Prepared for the Upcoming Election?

Our library staff is happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding the upcoming primary election on June 7, 2022. While the Library did host one day of Early Voting for Polk County on Saturday, June 4, we are NOT a polling location for June 7, 2022. 


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Good Books Display

"Can you recommend a good book?" This is a question we hear often at the Adult Services desk. Sometimes it's a tough one to answer, as everyone's tastes vary. So we decided to answer this question in the form of a display. Following up on the success of the Blind Date with a Book display we did in February, the Good Books program asks you to take a chance on a wrapped book. The twist this time is that each of the books on these shelves was considered "good" by a well-known source. 

WDM Public Library Raises Unattended Minor Age from Eight to 10 Years Old

At the April 19 meeting of the West Des Moines Public Library Board of Trustees, the Board voted to raise the age at which children may be alone at the library from eight years of age to 10 years of age. The Board also decided that those acting as caregivers for younger patrons must be 14 years or older.

According to the library’s policies, parents, guardians, and caregivers must:

Parking Lot Repairs Start Monday, April 25

Repairs will be made to the West Des Moines Public Library's parking lot starting on Monday, April 25. These repairs will be made in a four-phased approach to allow patrons and staff to access the library throughout the renovation. Our book drop and entrance will always be accessible throughout this 6-8 week renovation process.  

Please refer to the image below to understand which areas of the lot will be closed at different times. We will update this article as we hear firm dates for the other phases moving forward. 

New Literacy at the Library Series Kicks Off!

While we might think of “literacy” as simply knowing how to read, literacy also means knowledge on a particular subject or field. Would you like to become literate in certain music genres? Learn how to “read” a prairie? Become a craft beer expert?

YA Lambda Finalists 2022

Congratulations to the Lambda finalists of 2022! The Annual Lambda Literary Awards celebrate and recognize exceptional LGBTQ+ literature. Over 60 literary professionals selected finalists for each of the 24 total categories. Winning books will be announced June 11, 2022.

In the meantime, here are the YA finalists!

Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar

Library Board Reflection: Making a Difference in West Des Moines

by Bryan Myers, WDM Library Board of Trustees

Franklin D Roosevelt said, “I have an unshaken conviction that democracy can never be undermined if we maintain our library resources and a national intelligence capable of utilizing them.”  This still rings true today; the quality of our community in total is directly correlated to the quality of our public library and I, though not a librarian, take a direct part in maintaining that quality as a library Trustee.