Notary Service Suspended for May

Due to staffing changes, Notary service will not be available at the Library for the month of May, 2024.

West Des Moines City Hall offers free Notary services – please contact them ahead of time to arrange an appointment.

You can also search for Notaries in your area through the State’s Notary Search tool.

Book Buy Book Donation Program

Through the years the West Des Moines Public Library’s collection has been built book by book. Now the challenge is to keep it current, up-to-date and a vital community resource – Book Buy Book.

We invite you to participate in our Book Buy Book program with a gift to the Library. Each $25 contribution provides your library with another resource!

We recognize each donated item - book, DVD, etc. - with a personalized bookplate.

  • 1 item = $25
  • 2 items = $50
  • 3 items = $75
  • 4 items = $100
Book Buy Book


  • Use the form below to start the request
  • Select a category from which you’d like for the staff to make a purchase
  • Fill out the information on how you would like the bookplate to be dedicated
  • Send your check payable to the West Des Moines Library or return in person (check the box that your check will be delivered in person)
  • OR use credit card payment over the phone or in person 


Mail checks to the following attention:

West Des Moines Public Library

Attn: Susan Greenwood

4000 Mills Civic Parkway

West Des Moines, IA 50265


Call the number below to use your credit card over the phone: 

(515) 222-3408


Books are added on a continuing basis. It may take several weeks to purchase and process your gift.

Book Buy Book Donation Form

Donor Contact Information
Would you prefer to donate anonymously?
If you choose Yes, you will receive a donation receipt for taxes, but your bookplate will say the item was funded anonymously. 
If you choose No, please be sure to fill out the Bookplate field below.  
Material Preference
What type of material would you like your bookplate included on?  Your donated amount will be spent in that area, and the bookplate attached.  
Donation Amount
How do you want your bookplate to read? 
Example:  Donated in honor of Jane Doe; Donated by Jane Doe; etc.  
Payment Option