Copy, Print & Fax


We have two (2) copier/scanners in the building, one on each floor. 

Copies are 20 cents per page for black & white copies, 50 cents per page for color copies. 

Copier stations accept coins, bills and credit cards. 

Copies and prints are produced only on standard paper loaded in our equipment. Customers may not introduce their own paper, labels, transparencies, or any other media into the Library’s equipment.


The copiers are also scanners, producing electronic versions of paper copies, sent to an email address you enter.  Scans are free.  The scanners default to a PDF format, but JPG is also available.  We recommend scanning to your own email, then forwarding to any other recipient, so that you have a permanent copy in your email. 


We provide a self-service fax machine on the first floor.

This service is FREE.   It will provide you with a receipt.  Outgoing only.

Both domestic and international calls allowed.  There are directions next to the fax machine.  For international calls, you will need the country code, as well as the full fax number.


Our public computers are all connected to network printers – one on each floor.  For more information on using our public computers, go to our Computers & Internet page. 

Printing costs are 20 cents per page for black & white, 50 cents per page for color.  If you log into our public stations with a WDM Library Card, you get $1.00 worth of printing free each day as a member benefit.

Our printers print on 8.5x11” paper only.  If you need printing on legal or other paper, please talk to Adult Services Desk staff (on 2nd floor) about options.  Charges will apply. 

Copies and prints are produced only on standard paper contained in our printers. Customers may not introduce their own paper, labels, transparencies, or any other media into the Library’s printers.

Customers should always use Print Preview before sending a print job to make sure that the number of pages is correct, that no blank pages will be printed, and that the text on the page is complete. Printing a blank page or a page with missing text does not constitute a bad copy for refund purposes.  The library issues a refund or reprint for photocopies or computer print-outs only if the machine produced a blurred, black, or otherwise unreadable copy or if the machine print-out is torn or wrinkled.

Wireless Printing

NOTE:  As of 6/24/24, we have moved Mobile Printing providers to Princh.  This includes some new options, like multiple copies and page ranges.  

The WDM Library offers Wireless Printing to an in-house printer from patron laptops and mobile devices via Wi-Fi. As with our in-house computer stations, you can use a library card or guest pass to pay for printing, as well as paying directly with cash or credit card.

To use:

Access the wireless printing site hosted at Princh – follow the on-screen instructions.

You will have choice of b/w (20c/page) or color (50c/page) ‘printers’ – they both go to the 2nd floor public print release station.  That is where you will release your print job.

You will be asked to provide an email address – this is only used to identify your printout when you go to pick it up.  You will not receive any marketing emails.

You will release, pay for and pick up your printouts on the 2nd floor. We recommend picking them up immediately.  If you have a WDM Library card, you may use that to pay for printing by pre-loading an amount and/or using your daily allocation.  Otherwise, the release station is connected to a vending unit that takes cash, coins and credit cards.  Feel free to ask Adult Services staff for assistance releasing your job. Questions, call Adult Services at 515-222-3403.