Vision, Mission and Values


Empowering our community by encouraging the sharing of ideas, a love of learning, and the joy of reading


To enrich lives by igniting curiosity, engaging community, and expanding perspectives.


  • Community Minded: We go out of our way to be welcoming, inclusive, and accessible for all who wish to use the library in any of its forms, whether in our facilities, via our digital resources, or through outreach services.
  • Service Oriented: We care deeply about our community and strive to be reliable, trustworthy stewards of our shared resources.
  • Respectful: We treat everyone, and each other, as valued individuals.
  • Collaborative: We are committed to building partnerships that strengthen our community.
  • Always Learning: We are responsive to the changing needs of our community and pay attention to emerging trends and technologies in order to consistently provide the best possible service to West Des Moines.

The WDM Library is guided by a citizen Board of Trustees and a series of board-approved Policies.