Exam Proctoring at the WDM Library

Summer 2024 Exam Dates

Exam Proctoring Guidelines

Under defined circumstances (see below), Library staff may proctor exams. There are some important things to know before we proctor an exam for you or your student - these are our Exam Proctoring Guidelines:  

  • The student or instructor is required to make arrangements for the exam. Begin by filling out the form below. Library staff will then contact you via email to finalize scheduling. Be sure to provide a valid email address that you check regularly.
  • Returning students, please fill out a new form at the beginning of each new term/semester.  
  • Proctoring is conducted by the librarian staffing the Adult Services Desk at the time of the exam. Individual librarians are not assigned to proctor specific exams or students, though we're happy to give you a general contact email and phone for our proctoring services.
  • Library staff proctor exams from the Adult Services Desk; the librarian observes the student while performing other tasks and assisting other patrons. If your institution requires that the student receives constant, uninterrupted observation, the West Des Moines Public Library cannot proctor your exam.
  • Exams must be completed by a half-hour before the Library closes. See Library Hours.
  • Please allow adequate time for Library staff to receive your information and fill out any appropriate forms, prepare equipment, etc. Three (3) or more business days’ notice is preferred. Weekdays/evenings are preferred for staffing purposes, though Saturdays can be requested. Approval is dependent on staffing at the requested exam time.
  • We do not proctor on Sundays due to staffing levels.
  • If your school/institution requires that we return your exam via postal mail, we ask students to reimburse the library for that postage and materials.  You will be notified of this prior to your exam.
  • Any questions not addressed in the Exam Proctoring Guidelines above can be addressed by calling 515-222-3403 or emailing exams@wdm.iowa.gov

Exam Proctoring Form

Student Name
Instructions may be mailed to us at exams@wdm.iowa.gov - we need to be able to match the student to the exam/course, so please ask your instructor to put your name in the Subject line.
Instructor's Name
If you do not have this scheduled yet, you can give us an approximate date ("2nd week of December") or say "to be scheduled". We will respond to your form submission and ask for further details, but if you know your dates/times now, that is helpful.
Type of Exam
Proctor logs you in.
School will send to proctor, proctor will return via mail or scan/email to instructor.
Note: if you are taking a paper exam, your school will need to send it to the Library's mailing address or email. For emailed or online exams, please have them send login info to exams@wdm.iowa.gov. These addresses will be in your confirmation email.
I Will Need For My Exam:
(check all that apply)
To be used in a study room for an online exam.
Please review the Exam Proctoring Guidelines
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