Suggest a Library Program

The West Des Moines Public Library sponsors and provides a variety of educational, informational, and recreational programs in support of the Library’s commitment to offering engaging activities, opportunities for personal and professional growth, promoting the love of reading and learning while remaining responsive to the changing needs of the community. If you are interested in presenting a program at the library, please read through the following information, and complete the form on this page.

Library staff schedule out programs six months to a year ahead of time and review program proposals around the first of each month, and will respond if your proposal is accepted or if more information is needed to consider your proposal. 

Library staff uses the following when planning programs and also follow Library policies: 

  • Support of the Library’s mission 

  • Presenter background and qualifications 

  • Connection to and duplication of other community programs 

  • Treatment of content for the intended audience 

  • Budget. Typically payment for programs ranges from free to $200, although larger-scale programs may range up to and include $500.  

  • Availability of program space 

  • Library programs must be non-commercial, and solicitations for business will not be permitted, including multi-level marketing businesses. 

Authors and performers may sell their own work at library-sponsored programs, per Library policy for use of the Community Room and the Director’s approval. 

All presenters who are booked will be required to sign a performance contract and if there will be payment for services, a W-9 and other financial documents will be required for the City of West Des Moines. These materials will be supplied once a presenter is confirmed.   

Per Library policy, all public programs or meetings which take place at the library must be open to public participation and no admission or participation fees can be charged, though a fee to cover materials may be asked for library-sponsored crafting programs. Please see Library policy for full details. 

Library Program Suggestion Form

Contact Information:
Title of your suggested program or, if no title, the topic to be covered.
Please provide a 1-2 sentence description of your program.
Number of minutes/hours you anticipate this program to last, e.g. "1 hour" or "30 minutes".  
Program Audience:
Who is the primary audience for this program? (please check all that apply)
What days/times is the presenter available?
This helps us determine what locations would fit this program.
e.g. Is this lecture-style or small groups at tables?
What supplies, equipment and/or staff support are needed, if any? 
Are you requesting an honorarium or fee?  If so, please provide an amount.  
Additional information about your qualifications or other programs you have presented.  If you have a website related to your program, please provide the web address.  
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