A change to our Hoopla service

As of this week, users of our Hoopla downloadables services will notice their monthly limit has been changed from 10 checkouts per month to six (6) checkouts per month.  

What's going on:  Hoopla is a cost-per-use service, which means for every checkout a patron makes, the Library is charged a variable amount - from $0.99 to as much as $3.99 per checkout for popular titles.  This is why it's only ever been available to WDM residents, to limit the cost.  However, since we launched the service in 2020, use has more than doubled (!), which is outstripping our budget for the service.  Therefore, we had to make the decision to reduce the checkouts per month to six from ten - six is the average maximum use for over 80% of our Hoopla users, so we felt this was as fair as we could be.  If you are one of our "power-users", who checkout to the 10/month limit, our apologies!  

We continually review our budget and spending and will adjust up if we can.  

Please feel free to explore the 1000s of eBooks and eAudiobooks available via our OverDrive downloadables service, as well as our streaming video options.  

Posted on February 16, 2022