Loved Squid Game? Here's what you should read next

Everyone's talking about Squid Game and for good reason: it's utterly impossible to stop watching. Squid Game is not new. Sure, the series is quite new, but the script was written more than a decade ago, in 2007. Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote it with inspiration from books like Liar Game or Battle Royale. He has never imagined the story would gain so much notoriety, fearing people would find it a bit weird and hard to understand. He failed to realize that his story would perfectly match today's society. The story features characters that everyone knows-people who struggle with money and debt, as well as people with regular jobs who do not have too many financial possibilities. The story is about the extreme battle in life and everyone goes through it. As the script emerged, the show became the ultimate Netflix hit. If you're looking for more similar material once you're done, check out these titles!

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Squid Game Read-Alikes 

Posted on October 18, 2021