Parking Lot Repairs Start Monday, April 25

Repairs will be made to the West Des Moines Public Library's parking lot starting on Monday, April 25. These repairs will be made in a four-phased approach to allow patrons and staff to access the library throughout the renovation. Our book drop and entrance will always be accessible throughout this 6-8 week renovation process.  

Please refer to the image below to understand which areas of the lot will be closed at different times. We will update this article as we hear firm dates for the other phases moving forward. 

Phase 1 - Red: There will be no access to the parking lot from the entrance that connects to City Hall. All traffic will be directed to enter through the Learning Resource Center (LRC) entrance. This phase is complete. 

Phase 1.5 - Red and Green: Half of the red zone from phase one will continue to be under construction, completely blocking the entrance on the City Hall side. In addition, construction will start on the green zone which will be blocked off. All traffic will still need to enter through the LRC side. This phase is complete.

Phase 2 - Green: Both entrances will reopen, but parking in the middle rows of the main parking lot will be blocked off. This phase is complete.

Phase 3 - Blue: Both entrances will continue to be open, but parking in the spots closest to the pond on the LRC side will be blocked off. Estimated timing on this phase is 1.5 weeks. This phase is complete. 

Phase 4 - Purple: The LRC entrance will be closed, but all library parking spaces will be open. Estimated timing on this phase is 1.5 weeks. This phase is complete. 

Map Parking Lot

Posted on April 21, 2022