Vibrant New Mural Makes Home in Story Room

We’re thrilled to begin showing off the new mural in our Story Room designed by Thomas Agran of Iowa City! When we underwent renovations to the Children’s area of the Library, we knew that we wanted to add something extra-special to the Story Room. Agran’s proposal was an instant hit with his vision to create a mural with inspiration from collage.


Artist works on Story Room Mural


“I love collage and find its visual language to be fresh and appeal to a broad audience, but especially to younger viewers who can readily identify with the way in which it was made, using simple tools that they are familiar with,” Agran said. “When I saw the images of the space and all of its varied wall layouts, colored glass, and floating acoustic panels, it immediately had me thinking how collage would be a great approach to imaginatively and joyfully invest in the Story Room.”


Artist paints the Story Room Mural


Agran created the mural using bright, colorful, and uplifting imagery displayed as though they were cut from construction paper and gift wrap and adhered to the walls by hand. Each section of the mural was designed to inspire kids to tell their own stories.


Finished Story Room Mural


The newly renovated Story Room will be a place for unbound creativity and imagination for young readers for years to come. We hope you all have the chance to experience the joy infused into the space.


Featured Story Room Wall

Posted on May 25, 2021