Wireless Hotspot

verizon hotspot

Stored at the second floor Adult Services desk.  We recommend placing a hold, as there may be a waitlist - Click on Check Out Item for availability.

Wireless Hotspots use cellular service – paid for by the Library – to broadcast via Wi-Fi, providing internet access to any connected device.  Connected devices (phone, tablet, laptop) must have general Wi-Fi connection capability. 

Hotspots can be used anywhere in the US, as long as they can receive cellular service from the hotspot provider.  You can use these devices as an alternative to your own cellular internet service, or as an additional source of internet for high-use needs (e.g. homeschooling, high-speed streaming). 

To Use: 

  • Turn on the hotspot.  Plug it into power if you can. 
  • On the device you want to connect, open your Wi-Fi Settings.  If your device – like a phone – is also connected to cellular service, you may want to turn this off. 
  • Look for the hotspot Name indicated on the label on the back of the unit.  Choose to Connect to the hotspot. 
  • It will ask for a Password – this is also on the label on the back of the unit. 
  • You should now be connected to internet access. 
  • When finished, we recommend you “Forget this Device” in your Wi-Fi settings. 

Borrowing Rules: 

  • Only residents of West Des Moines or contracting cities who are 18 years of age or older and WDM library cardholders in good standing may borrow a hotspot.
  • The cardholder must present a photo ID and a valid WDM library card number in order to check out a hotspot.
  • Borrowers must read, understand, and sign an agreement every time a Hotspot is checked out.
  • Hotspots check-out for 14 days. 
  • Hotspots can only be checked out and returned to the West Des Moines Public Library Adult Services Desk (2nd floor). They may only be renewed – if there are no holds – once the equipment has been returned and checked in by staff in person.  
  • The Hotspot cannot be used outside the U.S.
  • SIM Cards are pre-installed in each Hotspot and cannot be removed.


Hotspots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will be lent any one (1) of two (2) possible models listed below with links to user manuals.  They all have good service in the metro area.  Service in rural areas may vary. 


Wireless hotspot device (1 of 2 possible models), charging block, charging cord, carrying case.


Product meets FCC guidelines for RF exposure, FCC Equipment Authorization 2ACCJB071. Additional details within and at: www.fcc.gov/oet/ea.