Exam Proctoring Policy

West Des Moines Public Library Exam Proctoring Guidelines

  • A log is kept at the Reference Desk to record receipt and administration of exams
  • The test should be addressed to: West Des Moines Public Library Proctoring, 4000 Mills Civic Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50265
  • The student must call the library to see if the test has arrived and to schedule the examination. The library will not call the student. The Reference Desk phone number is 515-222-3403.
  • When the exam is administered, the proctor will be the librarian on duty at the Reference Desk. The library cannot arrange for a specific librarian to proctor an exam. The librarian who begins proctoring the exam may not be on the service desk when the exam is complete. Therefore, the student may be returning the exam to a different librarian than the one who issued the exam to the student. The librarian will not sign the name of another librarian on the form or exam.
  • The West Des Moines Public Library will not proctor an exam in which the signature of only one designated person is acceptable
  • The library will adhere to the test-taking guidelines set forth by the institution. The proctor cannot constantly watch the student who is taking the exam. Proctoring at our library will be: issuing the exam, typing in passwords to online exams, filling out forms, noting when the student began and ended the exam, and mailing the completed exam.
  • The student is responsible for making arrangements to reserve any special equipment needed to take the exam. In the case of exams taken via the Internet, the student may need to use the library‚Äôs public Internet computers. There may be a waiting queue if all computers are in use. If needed, a library laptop may be available, but this will need to be requested in advance.
  • Library staff cannot make any changes to the public computer settings
  • The study rooms do not have public computers. All computer tests are taken at a computer near the reference desk unless the student is allowed to use their own laptop in a study room. If all study rooms are in use, the student may take the exam at a table near the reference desk.
  • If the exam needs to be returned by mail and does not arrive with a postage-paid envelope, the student must provide both stamps and an envelope or pay for the library to supply them. The exam will be handled as all other library mail. No special trips to the mailbox or post office will be made. Special mailings such as pre-paid Federal Express can be used if the exam is picked up at the library by the courier service.
  • Exams not taken within three months of their arrival date will be returned to the institution, if postage is provided, or shredded.

Please adhere to these guidelines when arranging for examination proctoring at the West Des Moines Public Library.

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