Great Courses Library Collection

The Great Courses Library Collection

Experts in their field, chosen for their ability to teach, make learning an adventure to be experienced rather than a chore to be accomplished.

Award-winning experts and professors from the most respected institutions in the world. 

The courses range from a myriad of subjects and includes:

  • History — Study ancient and biblical times, medieval Europe, Eastern and Western civilizations, as well as how these historical periods still impact society.
  • Health — Dive into courses on meditation, nutrition, natural healing and brain fitness.
  • Science — Learn from America’s leading scientists in numerous areas of study ranging from biology, astronomy & space, engineering & technology and beyond.
  • Language Arts – learning leadership, thinking and communication skills

The links below will take you to Libby (OverDrive), where you will login with your WDM Library card.  Click on Great Courses on the Extras page to checkout a 7-day pass to Great Courses with unlimited viewing during that time.   

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