New Literacy at the Library Series Kicks Off!

While we might think of “literacy” as simply knowing how to read, literacy also means knowledge on a particular subject or field. Would you like to become literate in certain music genres? Learn how to “read” a prairie? Become a craft beer expert?

Once a month, our series of events will explore interesting new topics or work to deepen your understanding. We’ll have a lineup of presenting speakers who know their topic inside and out while staying engaging (and fun!) Many topics will also include a follow-up, hands on portion where you can try a new skill or get more in-depth learning.

We’ll kick off the series on Monday, April 4 with Financial Literacy! We're partnering with the Evelyn K. Davis Financial Empowerment Center to bring an informative session followed by one-on-one financial counseling appointments that you can register for here.

Our theme for the month of May is Voter Literacy. On Monday, May 9 the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Des Moines, a non-partisan organization that aims to educate community members on how to be empowered participants in government elections, will join us for a presentation. They’ll cover how to register to vote, why participating in elections is important, how to use absentee ballots, and more!  

Upcoming Literacy at the Library Events: 

Posted on March 31, 2022