Our STEM Kits Have Expanded! Introducing WDM Library Learning Kits

The WDM Public Library’s collection of STEM Kits for learning have always hovered around 60 items to check out. Now, we’ve been able to expand our offerings to over 130! Not only are the Learning Kits fun for kids to play with, but they are curated to focus on ‘sneaky learning’ objectives such as early literacy skills, dramatic play, fine and gross motor skills, and early math concepts.

New learning kits have been added in conjunction with the Simple Steps Program that we partner with Des Moines Public Library on. These kits have a specific early literacy focus.

We’ve also added some new interactive doll sets featuring Our Generation dolls with different hobbies. For instance, we have a Theodore Doll Kit available that includes Theodore’s skateboarding gear and items from the Happy Camper set. 

Additional examples pictured below are the Big Feelings Pineapple and Lakeshore's Castle Blocks

Learning Kit Examples

We will be incorporating the new Learning Kits into our youth programming so that families can play with and experience the kits before they check them out. 

Patrons can check out Learning Kits like any other material in our collection. Kits can be checked out for 21 days and cannot be renewed. A $.50 charge will be added for each day that the kit is returned late.