Notary Service Suspended for May

Due to staffing changes, Notary service will not be available at the Library for the month of May, 2024.

West Des Moines City Hall offers free Notary services – please contact them ahead of time to arrange an appointment.

You can also search for Notaries in your area through the State’s Notary Search tool.

Animals & Insects Pattern Block Puzzle Set

Animals & Insects Pattern Block Puzzle Set

From majestic mammals to powerful pollinators, this set from Hand2Mind helps children learn how different types of wildlife contribute to sustainability and our environment. As they complete the 20 engaging activities, children discover fascinating eco-friendly facts like how llamas help the earth by eating invasive weed species, bees pollinate the food we eat, and so much more.


  • Made from certified 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • Teacher-developed Activity Guide and Puzzle Cards explain to children why it’s important to take care of animals and how some animals help take care of our planet.

Pattern Blocks help students explore many mathematical topics, including congruence, similarity, symmetry, area, perimeter, patterns, functions, fractions, and graphing. Recommended for ages 3-8.

Games & Toys
  • 10 hexagon blocks 
  • 14 square blocks 
  • 16 trapezoid blocks 
  • 20 parallelogram blocks 
  • 20 rhombus blocks 
  • 20 triangle blocks 
  • 10 puzzle cards 
  • Activity guide 
Choking hazard. Small parts.
Instructional Guide