Public Use of Community Room

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Adopted by Board Action 4/19/2022

  1. Permission to use the Community Room does not imply that the Library Board of Trustees, the library staff or the City of West Des Moines supports the opinions and/or views of the users.Reservations for non-library events held in the Community Room must be open public forums of a civic, cultural, educational or intellectual nature. No private events of a purely social nature (receptions, parties, showers, etc.) are allowed.
  2. Organizations using the Community Room must have a non-commercial purpose and may be required to provide evidence of their official non-profit status. No admission fees can be charged. Events must not be commercial in nature, including transacting business or soliciting customers or clients.
  3. The Library Regulations on Conduct (City of West Des Moines City Code 7-12-2) govern behavior in the Community Room. Users must comply with room capacity based on City fire code. Users not in compliance with library policies will be asked to leave and may be denied future use of meeting space. The library will not be responsible for theft or damage of equipment or material supplied by users. This includes personal items.
  4. As open public forums, all events held in the Community Room are posted on the library’s online calendar as public reservations with a notation that the program is not sponsored by or affiliated with the West Des Moines Public Library. Events in the Community Room must allow for public participation or adhere to Iowa Open Meetings laws. Organizations may ask the library to post a flier on the community bulletin board if the meeting falls under our Exhibits and Displays Policy.
  5. Community Room description: 
    Community Room         This room has a maximum capacity of 70 people.
  6. Booking requests must be made by an adult who is 18 years or older and who will ensure adult supervision is provided. The contact person listed on the booking request assumes full responsibility for damage to library property in their custody.
  7. The Community Room may be used only during regularly scheduled hours of library service. The booking must include the time required to set up and return the room to proper order. The kitchenette area must be clean, the furniture must be returned to its original arrangement and all participants must be out of the room by the scheduled ending time.
  8. Community Room booking requests will be considered in a "first come, first served" manner up to 90 days in advance. A maximum of three (3) events can be scheduled to occur from the current date forward 90 days.
  9. Use of the Community Room on a standing or continuing basis is not allowed. Community Room booking requests require approval by staff – requests are typically reviewed within 2 business days. Cancellations should be made promptly so other meetings may be scheduled.
  10. If library audio-visual equipment and materials are to be used, arrangements should be made at the time the room is booked. Users of the room are expected to ensure that all equipment functions as expected and according to their needs in advance of their scheduled booking. Library employees are not always available to assist users with utilizing the library’s equipment, and library employees are not authorized to attempt support on equipment belonging to the users.
  11. Users will check in at the Accounts and Checkout desk for access to the Community Room key and equipment.
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