Public Use of Teen Study Rooms

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Adopted by Board Action 4/19/2022

  1. Teen Study Rooms and the electronic equipment provided within, are available for use by teen patrons for individual and group study and paid tutoring.
  2. The Library Regulations on Conduct (City of West Des Moines City Code 7-12-2) govern behavior in Teen Study Rooms. Users not in compliance with library policies will be asked to leave and may be denied future use of meeting space. The library will not be responsible for theft or damage of equipment or material supplied by users. This includes personal items.
  3. The library does not publish any Teen Study Room reservation on the public calendar. Organizations may ask the library to post a flier on the community bulletin board if the meeting falls under our posting guidelines.
  4. Study room descriptions:

Teen Study Rooms 1, 2, and 3

These rooms have a maximum capacity of four (4) people.

  1. Reservations for Teen Study Rooms are on a same-day, walk-in basis at the discretion of Teen Center staff. Users of Teen Study Rooms will check in at the Teen Center desk.
  2. There is a 4-hour time limit for Teen Study Rooms. Users may check with Teen Center staff at the end of their time limit to see if their time may be extended. There is no guarantee the time may be extended.
  3. Covered drinks and pre-packaged/wrapped snacks for individual consumption are allowed in Teen Study Rooms. No hot food or fast-food takeout meals are allowed in Teen Study Rooms but may be consumed in the Library Living Room.
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