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The WDM Library is part of the state-wide Bridges consortium of libraries licensing OverDrive eBooks, Audiobooks and digital magazines, streaming video and comics. All of this is available to you as a WDM cardholder using OverDrive's Libby app:

  • On your device: Load the Libby app to access OverDrive content. See links below for your device(s).
  • On the web: Go to the Bridges Libby website and checkout e-content

Libby also gives you access to content-rich streaming services like Great Courses, Craftsy, Kanopy, Qello Concerts, Classica, Universal Class, Kovel's Antiques and Indieflix.

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Libby for iOS (Apple)

Libby for Android (Google)

As of January, 2023, Amazon had not yet accepted the Libby app into its Kindle Fire store. However, you can still download the Libby app for Kindle Fire another way, using the instructions in the link below:

Libby for Kindle Fire

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